2020, in 7 minutes

Let’s close out 2020 by looking back at the moments that inspired us and changed us in a year unlike any other.


SynAnyone else doesn’t remember anything from April to December? I had just checked my snap stories and I’m still finding it hard to believe I did something during those months.
Hamza IbrahimIf I saw this in 2019 I’d think that 2020 would be a movie, not a year.
random thoughtJan 2020 didn’t matter? Why no impeachment? Why no killing Soleimani? Why is no Iran shooting down an airplane?
Jarid GamingDo you all remember how we all thought we all were getting 2 weeks off in March? Now it’s been 9 months and a lot of us are still waiting to return to work…
Ryan HernandezRemember when WWIII almost happened a while back? Yeah, me neither.
Got SuiDon’t just hope this year is better than 2020, work for it.
Khadijah ANew generations are like: Why is everyone saying they were in quarantine and why is it so bad? What is corona? And was 2020 that bad?
Y Cylch GamesI can’t believe Parasite won an Oscar this year, feels like ages ago.
Karan SahotaNothing about the Farmers protest, AKA the Largest Protest in History. Keep continuing.
Sara Dela RosaI read the thumbnail as “2020 is back” and had a mini-mental breakdown for 2 secs.
Future PresidentThere were a lot of things you didn’t include.
Johnny HarrisWhat a year. This edit was really good.
Chile AnywaysDon’t forget the Nashville’s tornado in April and the Christmas attack on Nashville.
Asher FleeceI told my parents in December 2019 we needed to get masks and food. They said not to worry about it.
MelonPythonWe are truly getting to an end of this pandemic folks. Happy new year to everyone.
Standard UserWhen we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson?
TinaPazeenaThanks to all the essential workers that carried us through 2020! We couldn’t have done this without you.
hara eccaI vividly remember reading in the news about a “mysterious virus” in China in early 2020. Man, how our lives have changed.
Live 922This is a nice video, but they missed so much and politically were very one-sided.
Miles O’SullivanDespite having just lived through this, I still get chills from watching this.
Bob sempleDid they just forgot a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan?
Richard EspinozaWho else is gonna get an “I survived 2020” Shirt?
SharkySeems like a whole century of disasters happened in a year.
Gabriel StaniszewskiMassive respect for Trump for that didn’t think of him much but that was a good comeback.
Ron GaineyWhy didn’t you show all the rioting and “peaceful” protest?
Nathan CapuleThere were so many bad things I almost forgot about some of them.
Ally booIdk how this is missing so much but still sums it up in the same breath.
Nick Gùrr“Be positive, test negative” describes this year perfectly.
random thoughtIt’s embarrassing that you can mention 2020 without bringing up the Ukrainian Airliner.
Gurdaur DuhrèIf you’re reading this, you survived. That’s a blessing.
Jonathan BoringAre we gonna skip over the hundreds of black businesses that were burned down?
Anunay SharmaThey forgot about how Kim Jong-Un went missing and after a month came back from the dead.
Hamza IbrahimMy 2019 self would’ve thought this video is a moving trailer.
Ryan WassermanI don’t fault them for not knowing, but I’d like to add to the deaths: Rest In Peace, Daniel Dumile.
TL dFolklore release was one of the best quarantine moments for me.
T XxI hate to admit it but the world is ending, believe it or not, this is just one of many to come.
LostWanderingSoull2020 was literally the apocalyptic joke none of us believed would happen.
maresgoezThis feels like watching the compilation of events that led to the end of the world that post-apocalyptic movies show at the beginning.
Rolley RolleyThis year is gonna be worse. Mine already is. Day2 and I l m about to become homeless.
Monkey D UchihaMy phone was stolen on New Years, I don’t know if 2021 is gonna be a good year.
KyuCatThe rewind that youtube ever wanted to become, but never could.
lightx7It gets worse and worse every year. This world is heading towards an Inevitable End.
Johann LoEasy job for those video editors in charge of “2020 look back” videos.
rochak mathurWhen misinformation surrounds humanity, Vox comes to the rescue.
Sofia PavlenkoI feel like there’s part 2 needed, a lot of things are not here.
consoleThe Beirut explosion was August? It felt like it was in November.
Wender _CostaIt’s funny how they never mentioned anything about Australia’s wild bush fires.
Isabella ChidiakWhenever my future kids start complaining, I’ll show them this video.
Tyrece RajoonImagine our kids and grandkids 30 years into the future gets this video in their recommendations.
Donut ChanGod watching this was more depressing than having lived through it. Even the “uplifting” stuff is depressing in context.
Skull CloudI wonder how people watching this 100 years later would react.
clareKids will watch this video in 10 years’ time during a history lesson.
Payal YadavWe are all part of history now. 2020 the worst year ever.
VanillaThe trailer looks nice, I wonder when the movie will be released.
Jorge Luis FarfánI’m surprised at how quickly they added Argentina’s legal abortion passing.
Yung KakuzuHonestly, I’ve never seen the American government impose a lockdown.
Arely JA year I don’t ever want to experience again. Thankful for being alive today and going into 2021 with hopes pieces come together.
Samy974Meanwhile, the Stock market hits an ATH during a pandemic, go figure!
KatRinI forgot how long this year was. It felt like a decade.
First LastYou didn’t include the Farmer protests that shook northern India.
Sensible AppleThis got me to tear up. I can’t believe I survive in 2020.
Saeed KhanThis looks like the beginning of an apocalyptic movie.
TheBoogalooBrosOver a year later and we still don’t know what really happened to Epstein.
Tajwar ChowdhuryThe most difficult year of my life so far.
KnIGhT RIdeRGave me goosebumps watching this, realizing what had happened throughout the year.
Gabriel SmithThe greatest thing about humanity is that even when you push us down, we get back up and we continue to fight.